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Special Introductory Offer for New Advertisers
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offering LOCAL, NATIONWIDE or GLOBAL reach, branding and targeting solutions for your advertising campaign!

A Target Audience with Proven Purchasing Power

Worldwide customer base of frequent corporate and private travelers, medium to high income earners of both sexes, 18+ years of age, well-educated, ranging from decision makers of Fortune 100 companies to people who simply love to entertain and enjoy the good life. 

Repetitive Target Exposure for Higher Frequency

Guaranteed repetitive visits and frequent use of the ONElimo™ website for multiple exposure of your advertisement to the same target audience.

Unparalleled Geographic Reach

With a Homepage, one Main and five World Region Reservation Pages, and over 1600 City Pages available worldwide, (one separate Provider Information / Rate / Reservation and Confirmation Page per destination city, at full completion of network), the ONElimo™ website is uniquely positioned to deliver unparalleled reach, branding and targeting solutions to marketers and make it an effective tool for local, nationwide or global online advertising for any product or services.

And the Right Value

Set your own budget! - The ONElimo™ website offers a wide variety of placement options at very affordable Advertising Rates starting from as low as US$ 1.00 CPM, allowing you to customize your advertising campaign to your needs.

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By submitting your information, you enter no other obligation than your agreement to the following limitations: 

  • Offer valid to new Advertisers only.

  • All reduced priced advertisement is subject to space availability after full rate advertisement, on a first come first serve basis and for a maximum duration of continuous 30 days. 

  • Your banner(s) size must meet our Standard specifications.

  • You will participate in a reciprocal linkexchange during the Free Advertising Period.

  • This offer expires DECEMBER 31, 2013.

Please complete all the information in the form below and click the "Submit" button. An Advertising Specialist will contact you shortly.

Thank you!

PS: For Limousine service provider application, please click here ,instead

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